The Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE), incorporated as the Defense industrial Base Information Sharing and Analysis Organization™, originated from an organizational model developed in the late 1990's. During that period, a White House advisory committee named the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, advised the President of the United States to form an organization in order to foster greater industry security collaboration within the Telecommunications Sector. As a result, the Network Security Information Exchange (NSIE) was established in 1991. 

Several early NSIE members were also members of the DIB. In the mid-2000s, these members began to explore formation of a DIB version of the Telecommunications Sector model. In February 2008, DSIE was established to share actionable and meaningful information on cybersecurity threats to industry among approximately twenty leading DIB companies.

Initially operating as a working group of the National Defense Industrial Association, DSIE was incorporated as a 501(c)6 organization under the name of the Defense industrial Base Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (DIB-ISAO™) in March 2015. Because the DIB-ISAO™ continues the legacy that began nearly 10 years ago, we continue to do business as the Defense Security Information Exchange. 

The relationships, communication and coordination established among DSIE members has empowered participants to quickly alert others in industry of ongoing threats and to share mitigation strategies for the protection of defense critical infrastructure vital to national security under their control.

Our History